OpenGL Coordinate System

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Build WebRTC

First of All, You have evaded the “WALL”. God bless you.

Host OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTE

Build Tools

git clone

Then add depot_tools to your PATH

Checkout Source

Set the target OS

Here, I will build webrtc for Andorid platform.

export GYP_DEFINES="OS=android"

Sync Source

mkdir webrtc_android
cd webrtc_android
fetch --nohooks webrtc_android
gclient sync

Many cups of coffee (23GB !!)… … … … … … … … … … … During the download process, You should agree Google Play License (Press y): Alt none


Install dependence

sh src/build/

Gerate projects using GN

cd webrtc_android/src
gn gen out/arm --args='target_os="android" target_cpu="arm"'

You can specify different output directory for your build target:

  • target_cpu=”arm64″
  • target_cpu=”x86″
  • target_cpu=”x64″

If you get the error below: Alt none

Run the command:

python build/android/play_services/  download

Thrilling moment for you !!


ninja -C out/arm

Android Example App

Android Example App is located at src/webrtc/examples/androidapp

Terminal via Socks Proxy

export http_proxy=socks5:// https_proxy=socks5://

GLSL Binding Points

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Git 命令自动补全脚本

  • Checkout Script
git clone [email protected]:lnmcc/git-completion.git
  • Put the script into home directory
cp -av 	.git-completion.bash   ~/
  • Edit ~/.profile
# GIT Settings
source ~/.git-completion.bash
  • Export new env settings
source ~/.profile

Done !