MPEG-2 TS 包格式

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Name Numberof bits 32-bit BE mask Description
4-byte Transport Stream Header      
Sync byte 8 0xff000000 Bit pattern of 0x47 (ASCII char ‘G’)
Transport Error Indicator (TEI) 1 0x800000 Set when a demodulator can’t correct errors from FEC data; indicating the packet is corrupt.
Payload Unit Start Indicator 1 0x400000 Set when a PES, PSI, or DVB-MIP packet begins immediately following the header.
Transport Priority 1 0x200000 Set when the current packet has a higher priority than other packets with the same PID.
PID 13 0x1fff00 Packet Identifier, describing the payload data.
Scrambling control 2 0xc0 ’00’ = Not scrambled.For DVB-CSA only:’01’ (0x40) = Reserved for future use’10’ (0x80) = Scrambled with even key’11’ (0xC0) = Scrambled with odd key

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